Finding opportunities within your resources- Orla McGrath

By Dawn Paine, CEO and Co-Founder Calendar Icon 29 October 2021

Creativity Reframed is back!

To all our new community members, Creativity Reframed is a series of thought-provoking conversations with global female creative pioneers and business leaders about the pivotal role of creativity and problem solving during times of changes and crisis. We explore how and why necessity is the mother of invention and the role of female leadership during these unprecedented times.

For this new season, first up we have the wonderful Orla McGrath, Brand Director at Urban Splash. She talked to us about her experience throughout the pandemic as a business leader and personally, the role of creativity, and female leaders that inspire her.

Keep watching to discover how the pandemic made her and the team at Urban Splash realise that they had an amazing new product opportunity ready to pivot into at their disposal.

What creative breakthroughs have you experienced over the last 18 months?

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