Remembering why you started and different leadership styles- Laura Pye

By Dawn Paine, CEO and Co-Founder Calendar Icon 5 November 2021

For this week’s Creativity Reframed we have Laura Pye, Director at National Museums Liverpool. Laura and our CEO and Co-Founder, Dawn Paine, talked about the difficulty of keeping your motivation when you can’t access the resources that motivated you in the first place and how the last 18 months gave us the opportunity to reflect on the way we work.

Laura also pointed out the difference in female leadership style and that only time will tell which success factors were the best ones to focus on. She put as an example the River of Light in Liverpool earlier this year and how it was a difficult choice to make. However, it helped a lot of people with their mental health and to go out for walks around the waterfront.

A key thing we take from the episode is to always remember how much we missed those things we couldn’t do during lockdown. So in the spirit of that, why not go to a museum this weekend and catch a new exhibition?

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