Sector: Influencer Marketing

The challenge

Edge wanted to rebrand and craft an identity that spoke to its mission; to bring the influencer marketing industry into the 21st century. The brand believes that everyone is an influencer and that campaigns can and shouldn’t be limited to a couple of celebrities. They needed that belief to come through their brand architecture. Their new brand also needed to speak to both their audiences, creators, and brands and agencies.

How we helped

Working with the Edge team, Aurora helped to uncover Edge’s underlying purpose; to unleash the power of data and human imagination and create a new 21st-century business culture. Out of this catalysing purpose came their new tagline: the fastest, smartest, easiest way to influence. This isn’t a flex, rather a reflection of the innovative tech backing up the platform. Building on the architecture, the brand’s principal visual device, reflected in their new logo and supporting assets, was created. Drawing inspiration from the pneumatic tubes used in the 20th century to move information from building to building, the capsules were created to reflect the kineticism and pioneering spirit of Edge’s mission.

Edge Master – Illustration 1
Creativity Reframed

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