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The challenge

Edge was freshly rebranded and ready to launch itself into a crowded market. They needed to launch their new brand with a bang to cut past the white noise coming from their competitors.

How we helped

Working collaboratively with the Edge team, we created an impactful and rather bonkers brand film that told the story of Edge’s founders while simultaneously communicating the newly refined brand architecture of the company. Taking creative cues from the brand film, Aurora created and activated a multichannel, month-long campaign that cut across the traditional B2B channels.

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The Big Wins

As a new market entrant and a tight budget, we set ambitious goals for this campaign. We exceeded all expectations with the campaign in terms of engagement and awareness creating a film based launch campaign that surprised and delighted both new and existing audiences.

Gained impressions
Campaign video views
New followers across Edge’s channels
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“Creating an impactful and successful marketing campaign is incredibly difficult. You need to conduct research to understand what is going to cut-through. You need to be creative, original and true to the brand. There are many moving parts and the organisation required to create a symphony is often underestimated. Aurora are experts in planning, strategy and execution. Their team are personable, affable, thoughtful and communicative. We were taken on a journey from start to finish and we were delighted at every stage. Building our brand and tone of voice, creating unique content and delivering a multi-channel campaign that smashed all of it’s targets. A pleasure to get to know these wonderful and talented humans.”

Adam Whyte, CEO and Founder, Edge

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